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13 Reasons Why You Should Go Vegan

"Veganism is a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude - as far as is possible and practicable - all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products wholly or partly from animals"

- Donald Watson (Founder of The Vegan Society)

1. Save Lots of Money

A plant-based diet will cut monthly food expenditures in half. In fact, a vegan diet can revert and prevent many chronic illnesses, which means less money spent on medication and hospital bills.

2. Age Gracefully & Live Longer

Going vegan can affect the body and its aging process. All the nutrients gained from plant-based foods can significantly improve skin health. Most animal products cause acne, facial swelling and premature wrinkles. To achieve a glowing, fresh, and young complexion, cutting out the unnatural and cruel aspect of one's diet is necessary.

3. Save The Planet

Factory farming contributes to the greenhouse effect much more than transportation. Meat and dairy production is wasteful and causes pollution, leading to climate change and global warming. Making the switch to a vegan diet is the easiest way to be eco-friendly, more than getting rid of plastic straws and saying "save the turtles."

4. Be Healthy & Happy

Being vegan is great for one's health. People who eat a plant-based diet will have a healthier and more positive mood state. By removing animal products, there is a significant change in happiness and stability. Adopting a vegan diet automatically allows one to abstain from the stress hormones animals produce on their way to being slaughtered.

5. Diversify & Improve Food Palate

Transitioning to a vegan diet has never been more easier than it is today. There are millions of recipes that are delicious and hearty, without cutting back on taste. A vegan diet has infinite versatility and there are numerous options to choose from. Once the right replacement foods have been found, there is no looking back!

6. Shed Extra Weight

A vegan diet can help reduce unwanted weight in a wholesome and positive way. Trying out various fad diets only make the person feel tired and worse-off. Instead, a plant-based diet allows the person to keep the extra unwanted weight off for good. This is because there are no growth-stimulating hormones that are usually found in animal products in a plant-based diet.

7. Reverse Current Health Conditions

Health is one of the most valuable assets in life. A well-planned vegan diet can help reverse current health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Truthfully, adopting a plant-based diet can be more effective than any medication or surgery.

8. Prevent Animal Slaughter

Going vegan helps animals and prevents their suffering. By embracing a cruelty-free diet, one can align their diet with their beliefs. Murdering farm animals is cruel and unnecessary since there is no proof that says animal products are essential to thrive.

9. Reduce Foodborne Illnesses

The meat and dairy industries are contaminated and cause a multitude of illnesses. The consumption of meat and dairy means that there is a significant intake of feces, blood, bacteria, antibiotics, and hormones. These toxins can cause diarrhea, food poisoning, abdominal pain, and fever. In fact, pathogens created in factory farms are a very real threat to humanity, as seen by recent events.

10. Conserve Natural Resources

Trying to feed farm animals takes up lots of space and water. Most of the grain that is grown in the U.S. is used to feed farm animals that will be slaughtered. We grow enough food for ten billion people when there are only seven billion in the world. Animal consumption contributes to worldwide malnourishment. Imagine if people directly ate the crops we grew instead of indirectly eating it through slaughtered animals.

11. Improve Digestion

Digestion is a huge and complicated problem for many people. Several are diagnosed with digestive disorders that can be treated by adopting a plant-based diet. Vegetables and grains are full of fiber which aid in digestion and eliminate any and all toxins in the body.

12. Remain Slim Effortlessly

When there is no consumption of meat and cheese, maintaining the ideal weight is quite effortless. Vegan diets are full of protein, carbohydrates, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Animal products are higher in fat content and cause inflammation which can lead to significant weight gain.

13. Express Compassion for All Living Beings

Showing love, compassion, and kindness to all living beings is the right thing to do. Animals are not objects; they have feelings, emotions, and can experience grief and pain. There is no such thing as humane animal farming or humane meat. While happy and cute looking animals are portrayed on the front of animal products, the reality is extremely disturbing.

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